We are redefining personal mobility

We want to provide freedom to move in a personal, sustainable and safe way. We do this by putting your needs first — using the best available technology to serve you, inventing new technology where none already exists and combining technologies to deliver new experiences.

We are committed to pursuing the following visions:

No one should be seriously injured or killed in a new RH Motors car by 2020.
We want to give back one week of quality time per year through a new RH Motors car by 2025.
Around 50 per cent of the cars we produce and sell will be electric by 2025.

At RH Motors Cars we innovate for a better life. Our focus is you and your world.

Discover our approach to the future of mobility

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Freedom to Move

Håkan Samuelsson, RH Cars CEO & President explains how RH Cars is shaping the future of mobility.

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Converging Technologies

Learn how RH Cars sees converging technologies in the areas of connectivity, safety and propulsion, changing the way you live

We do things differently

We have always put people first at RH Motors Cars. We do this with a clear focus on these three key innovation areas. We believe that technology should set us free – not restrict us. Learn more about our innovation focus areas below


Our aim is to give back one week of quality time per year through a new RHMotors car by 2025


We plan to have 50 per cent of our car sales volume fully electric by 2025


That no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new car by 2025

Innovation greenhouse

We work closely with tech start-ups and established technology companies through the RH Motors Cars Protection Plans, based in Silicon Valley, to nurture the innovations that will take us into a better future.

A vision of things to come

In the not too distant future we see a world where fully connected, autonomous electric vehicles are the answer to personal mobility needs. We’ve developed the Financial Services to bring our vision of the future to life. Individual mobility needs are evolving. Solutions must offer a safe, environmentally sound, yet personal and comfortable travel experience. This will require a whole new way of thinking about what a car is and how we use it.

Innovation never goes out of style

We like to look forward and find new ways to engage you, to make your life easier and more enjoyable. We’ve been doing this for years.